Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Validation Is Not a Bad Thing

I saw this piece from yesterday's Jerusalem Times that pretty much says what I see as the real problem in trying to restore Iraq. I can't help but seize on anything that appears to confirm my beliefs.
There is no historical Iraq.
The Kurds are, as they have been throughout my lifetime, committed to a Kurdish state.
The Shi'ites have no desire or intention to accept any form of Sunni control, and feel no need to do so or to share.
The only people in Iraq who want what the Bush administration says it wants are the Sunni, and they are the ones we're left fighting in a war neither they nor we can hope to win.
The Sunni control four provinces and the proposed Iraqi Constitution can only afford to lose in three provinces. Mr. Bush said that it's up to the Sunni to decide, “Do they want to live in a society that’s free? Or do they want to live in violence?” One wonders what level of freedom they might enjoy as a more secular minority in a fundamentalist Islamic state, but it's a choice.
On a more positive note, if the Constitution is presented and if it does pass and if it is adopted then all they'd have to worry about is the inevitable civil war and we could bring the kids home!
Winston, I don't know how much is enough. I look at it, and I don't see a win anywhere. The President says that leaving too soon would leave America weaker... as if the thousands killed and wounded and the billions spent on this wild goose chase haven't weakened us already. I just don't know.
On a side note, Secretary Rice has allegedly assured the President that the rights of women were being preserved under the new Iraq Constitution, and “Democracy is unfolding.” Are there any bets that we'll see her shopping alone in Baghdad wearing slacks with her head uncovered anytime soon?


Anonymous Ronni Bennett said...

Everyone but the president, who explicitly stated otherwise, has said the latest version of the Iraqi proposed constitution does NOT protect the rights of women and Sunni and, includes Sharia as a underlying basis for law.

So what democracy are we talking about? What worries me even more is that president believes what he said about the constitution. When the leader of the free world consistently states that black is white, I wonder if we are not walking in a very dark wood.

7:09 AM  

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