Friday, April 23, 2010

Keeping Good Thoughts for Sarah

Sean Dustman's sister, Sarah, whose new blog is now on my sidebar (Drink Water and Breathe), was "just" going to have a mastectomy today until they found "something" in an ovary and cells in her lymph nodes. Now she's looking at a double mastectomy and some level of hysterectomy and oopharectomy. Oh, and she's a single mom with two boys, and her big brother is stationed at NAS Lemoore instead of anywhere near Scottsdale.

I'm keeping good thoughts for Sarah and for all who love her. I'm pretty sure that more wouldn't hurt.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ronni!

Happy Birthday to Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By!
Ronni was one of the two people who inspired me to begin blogging, among other things. (The blogging lapses are all my own.) She is thoughtful, mindful, and writes as I wish I could write about the things that I wish I knew more about. In a more civilized world she would still be working eighty hour weeks in producing great television, but the world is what it is so she's 'ours.'
Happy Birthday, Ronni; and Thank You.