Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tom Curry, Your Therapist Called. It's Time to Get Over It.

I imagine there are millions of people who don't care for Senator Clinton. Personally, she reminds me way too much of my third ex. Having said that, I am occasionally surprised at the lengths some people will go to in order to put a dig in.
I saw this piece on MSNBC this morning by Tom Curry that was headlined: "'Hillary Care' in Uniform?" What Senator Clinton and a couple of her husband's former congressional opponents mean to do is to offer the existing health insurance for military families to the families of deployable National Guard and Reserve personnel. Mr. Curry put it this way: "Now, 11 years later, Clinton has found an alternative way of getting the taxpayer to help pay for coverage of thousands of uninsured workers."
Why are these "workers" uninsured? Could it be because they have been pulled out of their civilian employment for fifteen month deployments to the Middle East and, thus, lost any health insurance they might have had? Who, in this day and age, refers to deployable Guardsmen and Reservists as "uninsured workers?"
Mr. Curry manages to work into his piece that the Republican co-sponsor in the Senate led impeachment proceedings against President Clinton, and that the Democrat sponsor in the House was one of the few Democrats to vote for President Clinton's impeachment.
Okay, Mr. Curry, we get it. You can't let go of the Clinton stories from the '90s. The fact remains that offering Guard and Reserve families access to the health insurance program originally intended for active military families is simply the right thing to do regardless of who does it.


Anonymous Winston said...

You've got 3 exes, exs, er...formers? My god, man, you got a learning disorder? Actually, I can sympathize and empathize, since I also have 3...formers. Like the George Strait song "All My Ex's Live in Texas", that's why I'm here in Tennessee! We'll should commiserate on that subject some time...

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