Monday, November 23, 2009

Life Transitions

It occurs to me, as I advise Kay to beware of paralysis by analysis, that I told her a little bit ago that I'd start writing again if she would; and she started up again awhile ago.

I am conscious of a degree of hopelessness in terms of seeing significant improvement in the state of the Union, and of a lack of any optimism at all about the State of California. I am conscious of some level of anxiety about the change in my personal situation from employed to 'retired' and my impending move away from California. Having said all that, I really can't say why I stopped writing. (I am bitterly disappointed that we appear to be letting the opportunity to enact universal health coverage get away from us, but I don't think that alone was the issue.)

It has occurred to me that I write about politics, etc., because it's easy to identify the issues and potential solutions. I seldom write about what's going on with myself because I don't believe I'm that interesting in the first place and I tend to deny the issues anyway. I confess that I was concerned about losing 30-some pounds over a six-month period, but that seems to be due to ulcerative colitis which apparently will aggravate me for the duration but won't kill me - much like that big honking clot in my right leg.

I have resigned from my job as of last week, and I expect to leave California in my rear-view mirror within six weeks. In a sense then the hard part is over because without a job I can't afford to stay in California anyway. I'm committed, and it's just a matter of getting up onto I-40 and aiming the vehicle east.