Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Getting Back to the Blog

I have to say that losing John Edwards has taken a lot of the wind out of my sails. I know I have historically been sporadic in posting, but it's 2008 and I have nothing left to write about in February. John McCain promises not to change anything, Hillary Clinton hasn't changed anything but says she wants to start, and I seriously doubt that Barack Obama has the political chops to change anything.
John McCain hurts my heart because (despite the Keating scandal) he's been someone I respected, and now it's painful for me to watch him. I'm reminded of how I felt when Admiral Stockdale stumbled so badly through the VP candidate debates several years ago.
I have a couple of posts working and I hope to get at least one of them out within a couple of days. It won't be anything like Kay's series over at the Thinking Cap... as I've said before, I am not comfortable sharing the fruits of my introspective efforts (and, yes, that has been a topic of discussion with more than one of my exes). I respect folks who are willing and able to do that, and it might be healthy if I did it, but... seriously... no. With me you get superficiality.
Keeping good thoughts, for Maya's Granny. Update here.

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