Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Thoughts on Choices and Consequences

I want to point folks over to Winston's blog today.
Being me, I googled "Corps of Engineers funding" and the first item was Will Bunch's article.
So many issues in society these days seem to be reduced to partisan rhetoric, and that's a shame because a lot of this stuff calls for penetrating questions and deliberate thought. The comments on Bunch's blog seem to be heading that way.
I suspect that if Mr. Bush had known then what he knows now he would have funded the flood control project appropriately. I suspect that if the voters of Louisiana had known then what they know now they might not have given him the opportunity to misappropriate their funding.


Anonymous Winston said...

Thanks for the link, AQ. I love your final paragraph! Wish I had written it! And I mjust might steal it and use it...but I promise appropriate attribution.

10:25 PM  

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