Friday, March 04, 2005

Thoughts on the Environment

The President has nominated Steve Johnson to head the EPA... a position he's been acting in for some time. This is supposed to be a big plus because he's a long-term EPA scientist and not a politician... Oh, really?
In his remarks, Mr. Johnson said, "it will be my distinct privilege... to continue to advance an environmental agenda while maintaining our nation's economic competitiveness." The piece goes on to quote his appreciation of the "great strides in environmental protection" during this Bush administration.
Mr. Johnson's area of expertise is supposed to be pesticides and toxic substances? If memory serves, was there not some shuffling done with the permissible level of arsenic in our water during the previous term?
Sen. Jim Jeffords, who used to have a little sense, pointed out that "the Bush administration has the worst environmental record in history," and still said "I am hopeful that he (Steve Johnson) can bring a fresh and new approach." This is like me being hopeful of waking up skinny, handsome and rich tomorrow.
Apparently the electricity utilities lobbyist likes the guy... That's not really reassuring.
The ANWR is so screwed.....

Did you see where James Baker is starting to talk about global warming?... to a roomful of oil company execs?


Blogger wontonfoey said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Do you know that you can run a disel engine on soy bean or salad oil? There are alternatives to this problem...

8:48 PM  
Anonymous Ronni Bennett said...

Unless we address global warming and other environmental degradations - NOW - I believe mankind is doomed and it won't be pretty getting there. Mother Nature will have her revenge.

6:28 AM  
Blogger Brad Eleven said...

Johnson is nothing more than another paid shill for BushCo's favorite cause: Preventing investigation, let alone criminal prosecution for wrongdoing. The EPA is closing its own libraries "for economic reasons," and has already destroyed the precious and unique EPA records of pesticide testing. It's worth mentioning that the first EPA library he had destroyed was also the one he had worked at in his time with the EPA. That is, he knew exactly what he was destroying.

I'm coming to believe that George W. Bush really thinks that everything is OK, as long as he keeps rewarding the people who got him elected. It's more than just pathetic: With true pathos, the main characters are completely devastated at the end. In this case, it's mostly everyone else who is devastated as a result of Bush's decisions/non-decisions, actions/non-actions. I pity the fools who still demonstrate what can only be blind allegiance.

One thing about living in the Empire: There's plenty of outrageous news to report. And since these United States are now #1 in the world for entertainment (don't forget warfare and corruption), this fits in perfectly.

2:09 PM  

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