Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A Nod to the Youngsters

Today I'd like for folks to read this post from Sgt. Sminklemeyer.
I've had DocInTheBox over on my sidebar almost since I started blogging. I didn't find out about his blog while he was in Iraq the first time, but he's sharp... and he's committed to his troops, and I like that. This post was written by a guy who's not just in it for base pay and allowances.
Through links on Sean's blog I found Sminklemeyer's blog. I don't necessarily agree with Smink's politics... I don't agree with anyone all of the time... but as I commented on his post: This isn't about politics... this is about keeping faith with people who are giving their lives for this country.
It isn't only men or nurses this time around. Blair... "Buffbabe"... did what I thought was some pretty good writing from Iraq. I remember this post caught my eye. "Sgt. Lizzie" wrote this when she got back to her unit from the hospital in Germany... *Gallows Humor Warning*... and technically she didn't "walk away" from the "accident."
There are others... Amber comes to mind... an officer.
You want it to be over... you want your life to go back to normal... but it will never ever be "normal" again.
We owe these people.
Semper Fi


Blogger Tamar said...

This post moved me. Somehow you always manage to tell it in a way that reminds me about what's really going on about people we forget to think about. Thank you for not allowing me to forget.

6:09 PM  
Blogger Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg said...

We owe these people


I think that this is one of the biggest difference between the left of my generation and that of the 60s- My generation seems to understand that you can oppose the war and support the troops. While I vehemently opposed the decision to invade and occpy Iraq, and despite the fact that I think the administration has made one mistake after another since the fall of the Baathists, I still have nothing but the utmost repsect for those honorable men and women who chose to give their lives to their country. Our soldiers did not decide to fight this war of choice, it was the leaders, and the leaders and the leaders alone are responsible for the war.

My question is- what can we do to make sure that our returning Vets feel welcomed? How can we make sure that they feel that they did the right thing even if they no longer believe in the mission?

11:39 AM  

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