Monday, November 06, 2006

What I Think This Election Is About

I had several things in mind for blog posts this past weekend... especially some questions on California ballots... but as I tried to write them it kept coming to me that, although they are critically important to Californians, I'm not going to be here when it's time to pay the piper, and if the ones who are going to be here sleep through this election then shame on them.
The Administration's braying about Saddam Hussein's guilty verdict and sentencing haunts me. I keep remembering that picture of Donald Rumsfeld and Saddam Hussein shaking hands in December, 1983.
Hussein is
convicted for the deaths of 148 Shi'ites in 1982. Mr. Rumsfeld says in 2002 that he spoke to Hussein about the use of chemical weapons at their meeting... although contemporaneous reports do not support that... and the U.S. continued to support him.
This midterm election is not about the Foleys or the Haggards or the DeLays. This election is about what it ultimately means to be an American.
Who are we? In what direction does our moral compass point? Do we have a moral compass? Do we stand for anything?
We talk about gay marriage, but we let complicity in ongoing crimes against humanity go unchallenged. Who explains this to the grandkids? Is this where we just say, "It's complicated?"


Blogger Rain said...

Good thoughts. It's hard to understand how some people reason. We just have to follow our own conscience, I guess, but it's been a hard time in America. We are very divided and do not understand at all how others think when they vote as they do. I am trying to let it go now as when we have voted and have spoken our minds, we can't do more.

12:04 PM  
Blogger Maya's Granny said...

The thing that bothers me is how few people really know what this election is about, how few people understand that they need to get out there and actually vote. How few parents are aware that their children's future is in their hands tomorrow.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Winston said...

You are so correct on this. This election process is really about whether there is any honest decency left in this previously great country of ours. I'm still among the barely hopeful. As I have tried in my own feeble and subtle way to say in several blog posts, this may be the last chance we have. If the Rs retain control of all branches of government, then Bush and Co. are free to run roughshod over the Constitution and the American people even more than in the past. And who can stop them?

Presidential exercise of power to indefinitely postpone 2008 and all future elections? Consider it done. The only remaining question is whether the Generals will go along and blindly follow orders to suppress Americans. Can you spell fascist dictatorship?

7:49 AM  

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