Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Piece I Wish I'd Written

Please take a minute and read this posted by an Army medic. (Hat Tip to Sean at Doc in the Box)
I had some things I wanted to share about my experiences with Red-Staters during my drive in September, but Sgt. Haibi does a much better job at pointing out the superficial nature of our alleged differences. We despise one another and make war for what; and years from now not even anthropologists can tell the bodies apart.


Blogger Maya's Granny said...

This man speaks such deep truth. If the news focused on the good that people do, the kindness they show each other, it would soon become more and more difficult to convince them to fight each other.

2:01 AM  
Anonymous Ronni Bennett said...

Terrific link.

"I believe that by striving for a world that accepts its oneness, we can transform wars, intolerance, religious persecution and political extremism into memory and maybe even folklore."

How can we all not strive in ways large and small for that...

9:26 AM  

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