Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Couple of Early Thoughts

I have a couple of thoughts I'd like to share.
As I was getting ready for work this morning I heard a political commentator remarking the disarray among Democrats, many of whom had been "forced to run in the center" to win election. I'm just a guy speaking for no one but myself, but I believe that Ms. Pelosi would be making a mistake to assume that a victory was won by the Democrats. A defeat was delivered to the Republicans in large part, I believe, by independent voters.
Arnold Schwarzenegger will enjoy a second term as governor because the Democrats chose to run Phil Angelides against him despite Steve Westley's commanding lead in the polls. If I didn't live in California I'd say that it served them right to lose, but in the process California also lost.
I care no more for the Democrats than I do for the Republicans. I care about issues; and if it's necessary to clean house again in two years that'll be fine by me.
Speaking to Secretary Rumsfeld's resignation, I won't miss him; but Robert Gates to succeed him?
Dr. Gates enjoyed a long and distinguished career in the CIA. He served with Bush, Sr. in the CIA and in the first Bush administration. Nowhere in his C.V. do I see where he knows one damn thing about the military and its operations. He's a friend of Dubya's father and probably a committed public servant, but he doesn't look like a Secretary of Defense to me.
Is this how it's going to be? Rummy gets prepped last weekend to take the fall if the election goes badly and these people move in a shill to take his place?
As of this morning my biggest issue was to knock off the signing statements from the White House. As of this evening I'm wondering if maybe impeachment hearings might not be in order.
That's just me.


Blogger Maya's Granny said...

I'm thinking that now that we have someone third in line who we can trust, impeachment of Bush and Cheney is in order. Then a war crimes trial for those two, Rumsfeld, and a few of their neo-con croneys, with investigation into war profiteering and prosectution there as well.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Rain said...

I respect your viewpoint but disagree on impeachment. In a time where Iraq is a disaster, terrorism still looms, not to mention all the economic issues, having the Congress and president dealing only with impeachment wouldn't be worth it. Best we go on-- in my opinion.

I agree with your statement it wasn't a win for Dems but a loss for Republicans. Dems have to prove they stand for something and it better not be charging more bills. I think this country has moved to the center and politicians that don't get it, should be kicked out every two years until they do get it. I already am hearing a lot of politics as usual talk and that's all about gaining power, not making things better for anybody but the gainee...

2:03 PM  
Blogger Always Question said...

Ah, we can take the girl out of Berkley, but we can't take Berkley out of the girl...
I tend to agree with Rain and others who see two years of going after Dubya and Cheney as, at best, a waste of two years, and probably destructive of whatever momentum has come from this election. There's work to be done and, so long as this business of signing statements is put to rest, there's little to be gained by looking back.

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A SecDef with no military background? Hey, it's a Bush family tradition, AQ. Remember, 41's Secretary of Defense was Dick Cheney, whose military experience was, what was it, something like five Vietnam deferments, because he "had other priorities."

12:14 AM  

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