Thursday, February 10, 2005

Thoughts on Support... and Beer

This has been bugging me for a ltttle while now, and then there was the Super Bowl.
People... I generalize... talk about Support the Troops like they were talking about an object or something... something that meant the same thing to everyone who heard it.
People say that if you don't support whatever war the politicians have us involved in at the moment that you don't support the troops. Hello? Can we get real for a moment? Is this administration in its current budget proposal to Congress not calling for a reduced real-dollar budget for the Department of Veterans Affairs? It's good that, having sent these men and women into harm's way, they are finally seeing fit to provide better support to those in the field; but is that where support for the troops ought to end? In a values-driven society such as ours, what does it say when those troops who do get home come home to long waits for limited services at VA treatment facilities waiting for the budget ax?

Then I hear that some folks are giving Anheuser-Busch crap about their homecoming commercial...
I may be wrong, but I've been under the impression that there are a bunch of people making a decent living from the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I don't think the kevlar or the ceramic plates or any of the equipment and munitions are being donated. I don't think the messes are being operated by volunteers serving donated food.
Anheuser-Busch donated a bunch of beer to the troops for the game, and flashed their logo at the end of a spot recognizing men and women coming home. Right back at you, Bud... and thank you.

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