Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I'm Being Judgemental

I think I need for someone who appreciated Hunter S. Thompson to explain to me... patiently... why one ought to mourn his passing.
I read Hells Angels but that's all. I didn't care much for it. Mostly I just know what I read here and what I've read on a few blogs. I don't get it.
My initial response to his suicide was "how incredibly selfish."
“I think he made a conscious decision that he had an incredible run of 67 years, lived the way he wanted to, and wasn’t going to suffer the indignities of old age,” Brinkley said in a telephone interview from Aspen. “He was not going to let anybody dictate how he was going to die.”
“He was trying to really bond and be close to the family” before his suicide, Brinkley said. “This was not just an act of irrationality. It was a very pre-planned act.”
Family members had no hint that Thompson planned to take his own life, Brinkley said, and he did not leave a note. “There was no farewell salutation,” he said.

The guy... who has apparently always been all about himself... has had a hip replacement and a broken leg... is apparently starting to feel his years... and instead of manifesting any degree of maturity whatsoever waits until his son and his family are visiting one weekend to kill himself without so much as a "goodbye."

I consider for a moment some of the faces I've seen... working through war, famine, and pestilience to raise families, to keep body and soul together for just a little while longer... and Mr. Thompson has apparently stopped having fun so he shoots himself on his ranch in Aspen and leaves his son to find his body.

One can only hope that he had a really good story lined up for when he met his Maker. I think his son and his grandson deserved better.

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