Friday, February 11, 2005

Thoughts on Self Defense

I have to get this out. Why can't Iran have a nuclear weapons capability?
I know... They're a terrible country governed by terrible people and they can't get along with their neighbors... they can't be trusted to mean what they say... but seriously... In a region where Pakistan has nukes and India has nukes and Israel has nukes and Russia has nukes... In an environment where they've just seen what it looks like when you try stand up to American hegemony without nukes...
Think about it. Just get out of your "I'm okay and you suck" frame of mind for a moment and put yourself in their shoes. We've had our "better dead than Red" years. Wouldn't we want a nuclear weapons capability if we were them? If we were in their shoes and we had just seen both of our next-door neighbors get their asses kicked? Granted that one of them was lippy and brutal, and that the other was harboring and supporting international hit teams (Gasp!).
If you were them, and if you had any kind of a chance at all of getting a nuke, would you remain unarmed knowing what was coming as soon as we can get around to it? (I know... Condi Rice said we weren't like that... anymore... trust us... and she's credible.)
You really want to stop nuclear proliferation? Start treating other nations decently. Stop bullying any country less powerful than us that doesn't want to be our bitch. Be a mensch.

Like that's going to happen...

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Blogger J. said...

Absolutely right. I don't understand all the commotion about Iran (or Iraq in 2003) re: their possible possession of a nuke. So what? Are we that convinced that their leadership will be irrational? Did we not deal with the Soviet nuke threat for decades? What about China's nuclear weapons?

There are alternatives to aggressive confrontation, but I guess that's all the neo-cons understand is brute force. Very frightening in a way - not Iran, our government's approach to Iran.

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