Thursday, February 10, 2005

Thoughts on Purpose

I got stuck. I found myself making little notes about what I wanted to write about, but not finding the time to "write something." I got into the mindset that I'm writing a blog, and that people are reading it and that it needs to meet expectations. That's horse puckey.
There are blogs over to the right... except for the CSH blog that got closed down... written by people who write... people who write very well and who have something to share. That ain't me. This is supposed to be a place for me to vent... a few paragraphs or a few words... one subject or many.
Other people may read this... or not... but, although I hope they find it interesting, it remains that I'm not related to or sleeping with any of them... or not very many of them... and so far no one in the Bush administration has offered me any money to write for them.
This came to me as I was driving to work this morning and I wanted to say something about supporting the troops and what that means to me. I was thinking about how I "ought to" put it.
Okay, so here's the deal... I'm opinionated but my thoughts aren't particularly well organized. Ideology? I don't have one that I'm aware of. For instance, after twenty years as a Navy Corpsman... five of them as an O.R. tech... and another nineteen in health care administration... I find that egomaniacal doctors give me a huge pain. This is a non-partisan thing and applies equally to Howard Dean and to Bill Frist.
What I need to do is to vent here. If you're passing through, you're welcome but I'm venting here... I'm not writing a blog. That was messing me up.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're anything but unorganized in your thoughts. You're always clear, logical, thoughtful and the kinds of questions you ask, we should all be thinking about.

I missed you these past 10 days.

Ronni Bennett

1:10 PM  

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