Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Topical Thoughts

People are dumping on the President for not getting out in front on the tsunami disaster... Hello? Have we not known since 2000 that the man lacks a global perspective? He doesn't know those people and he doesn't care about those people. Fifty two percent of you just reelected him. Deal with it.
Speaking of limiting one's perspective... dumping Jami Miscik at the CIA?... and Mr. Goss has been replacing the professionals with his former House aides?... is anyone else concerned with the nature and extent of American "Intelligence?"
I want to mention bare-handed fishing. I've been berating myself for some of the things I've said about "red-staters" and then I see this. Okay, it's still wrong of me and I apologize. I'd shake hands but... I don't know where theirs have been.
Another thing... I don't like it when people appropriate words. Here I specifically refer to the term "anti-semitic." Anyone with a dictionary ought to know that this refers to a bias against those of mid-East descent, but it has been co-opted by the pro-Zionists to relate exclusively to an anti-Jewish bias. Clearly... to me at least... the European Jews who drove the establishment of Israel don't particularly care for Arabs, and I therefore object to their labeling of anyone as an anti-semite. It's the Judeo-Christians vs Islam. Let's say so and deal with it honestly.

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