Thursday, December 30, 2004

One Other Thing

I don't know if Glenn Reynolds has ever been anything other than a talking head... I'm sure his mom loved him. So he writes in this piece that George W. Bush is really a pretty generous guy after all... in part because he diverted an entire amphibious group from returning to port for some R&R and repair work to disaster relief! Now, I've had my ship turned around before, and I can promise you two things: if they had had a vote the crews would have voted to turn around, but they were not asked for their vote. This is more of Mr. Bush' mouth writing checks that somebody else's ass has to cover.
Again, I have no issue whatever with turning the ARG around... it's clearly a mitzvah... but for that braying ass to take credit for the sacrifice of those thousands of sailors and marines really... and probably inappropriately... chaps my hide.



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