Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Thoughts on Today's Bombing

This is the reality. This is what happens during "unconventional" wars. If all you know about war is what you've read then this must come as some horrific surprise... that someone would target a mess hall full of combatants/combat support personnel when they least suspected it. You send your kids over there and maybe you try to reassure yourself that his or her job will keep him or her out of harm's way, but those are your prayers... our prayers. Their prayers - the so-called "insurgents" - are for the strength and commitment to drive us out of there, and they won't pull any punches doing it.
I read about the huge win for democracy in the selection of Karzai to lead Afghanistan - despite reports that he could only campaign in 'safe' zones... and I see a buildup toward the same line of bullshit from Iraq. Someone will be selected at the end of January and Mr. Bush will declare "Mission Accomplished" once again... and men and women will continue to die.



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