Thursday, October 23, 2008

Connectivity or the lack thereof

Campaign season and I haven't been able to post... but it looks like I might have put that issue to rest for the moment, and I hope to be able to run through the California ballot propositions. Of course, I'm primarily interested in seeing Obama elected, but California politics has this surreal quality that, after 38 years here, still makes absolutely no sense to me.

How did the global economy get into this condition? Well, in California we're running huge deficits, but there are still things we need (and even more things we want) so we've put up a bunch of pork barrel projects to be funded with bond issues because by the time the bonds mature we'll have the money to pay them, right? Right?



Blogger Rain said...

I happily got to vote yesterday and am relieved it's behind us. Oregon had a lot of ballot measures but only one spending measure and it was for a new high school which I definitely believe is needed. Our ballot measures were generally there because of one right winger who now makes his living by donations from those who believe as he does and he then gets the measures onto ballots by enough signatures. The rest of us have to think whether it makes sense or not although in my case, if he sponsored it, I vote against it mainly because I want him to stop having a profitable charitable business and have to go back to something less damaging to the state of Oregon

10:19 AM  
Blogger Kay Dennison said...

Right!!! And I have ocean front property here in Ohio -- the tide's only been out a couple millenia but it's due back any day! Right?

11:53 AM  

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