Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I'll admit it... I'm a little farklempt. We've stopped "looking" for WMD?
I always thought that this Administration... certainly by now!... would arrange to "find" some Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. For years there have been pieces written on how to dispose of the CW agents deteriorating in storage at Dugway... publicized because environmentalists didn't want that stuff moved anywhere! Back when we first went into Iraq I figured it was only a matter of time... you dig up a few cannisters... you scrape off some U.S. Army markings... maybe you add some Iraqi markings... a few days later it gets dug up in the Iraqi desert! Voila!
Okay... so what? It was too dangerous to handle, and so they just decided to wait until after the 2004 elections to say to hell with it and give up the charade of looking? I know it wasn't character that kept them from doing it!
"The president knows that by advancing freedom in a dangerous region we are making the world a safer place." Alrighty then! So, all evidence to the contrary, there are actually fewer people in the world who hate us now?

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Blogger J. said...

The challenge isn't as easy as planting a few rounds here and there. The US forces in Iraq found a few arty rounds that probably dated to before 1991, but they expected to find 500 tons or so of chemical munitions and/or agent in bulk containers. Couldn't find them. They started searching simultaneously with the combat operations, thinking they would be overrunning chemical weapons stockpiles as they moved up to Baghdad. Didn't happen. When David Kay left the ISG in Dec 03, he basically made the statement that there was nothing there, nor would anything be found.

The ISG was doing interviews of the Iraqi leadership, translating Iraqi documents looking for evidence of WMDs (thousands of pages), and documenting what they found and what they think may have happened to the WMDs (destroyed prior to Mar 03, moved to Syria, still buried in someone's garden, etc). In addition to WMD searches, they were also helping look for war criminals, document evidence of war crimes, and develop intel on the insurgents. Most of them knew over the last year that there were no WMDs in Iraq.

It's hard to say "we was wrong" so yes, the Bush administration waited until after the 2004 elections to say so. Except they really won't say they were wrong (as Baba Wawa will document on NightLine this Fri nite), "We were absolutely right to fight the war because now Freedom Reigns."

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