Tuesday, October 31, 2006

An Aside About a Foregone Conclusion

I know he's going to win reelection, but I have to say something about this.
I know there's a word for the guy who was looking to gut public employee pension and benefit programs just last year now eulogizing the firefighters killed in San Bernardino County on Thursday. Arnold, if the Democrats had run anyone but Angelides, you'd be an outgoing governor in a few days.
When he was elected governor, Arnold promised that if the public employees would just work with him in the first year and let him "borrow" their funding he'd make it up to them. In his second year Arnold set about making it up to them by going after the public employees and their unions and challenging longstanding public funding apportionments for essential public services. California voters pretty much kicked his ass last November.
Now, in his third (reelection) year, Arnold has effectively muzzled public employees and even most political opposition by touting "the largest education budget in California history," and $38 Billion in pork funded by bond issues ("No new taxes"... until the bonds are sold and the debt service starts).
California teachers have every reason to say that they don't trust Arnold. It is entirely reasonable to ask which Arnold will appear in Sacramento in 2007 through 2010. Since he's not running for reelection, I am expecting the return of 2005 Arnold advancing the agenda of his conservative handlers. That's just me.
The thing that gets my goat is Arnold's crocodile tears over the four dead firefighters and one in the Arrowhead burn unit whose pay, pension, and survivor benefits he wanted to cannibalize a year ago. The transparent insincerity is just wrong.


Blogger joared said...

You're probably right about this, too. Really is hard to build up a great deal of confidence in our current Gov. given his track record. Trust is a pretty important issue for me. Does little for my confidence in another person when they break my trust. Seems not to matter so much to many others.

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