Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Political Rant for the Primaries

Lest I bury the lead, I want to give props to Ronni at Time Goes By for pointing me to Unity 08. Their aim - to identify, nominate and elect national leadership not on the basis of their nominal party affiliation, but on their positions with respect to issues the voters have defined - may seem like an impossible or at least unlikely dream, but I've said before that no more than 30% of voters are defined by their party affiliations which leaves 70% of us who have become enured to the prospect of choosing the lesser of two evils. It could happen.

The California primary election is this Tuesday. The partisan political process is simply mind-numbing which some pundits are saying may be by design.
Phil Angelides is the Democratic Party's choice for Governor which gives him two strikes on my card. His earliest ad began with "Sen. Feinstein, Sen. Boxer... and others you trust..." All I need to know about Dianne Feinstein is that she just voted to confirm Gen. Hayden to lead the CIA. My earliest awareness of Sen. Boxer had to do with her unwavering opposition to all things military. I don't know if Steve Westly can beat Angelides, but so far he hasn't lied so that I've caught him at it.
John Garamendi has been in Sacramento or D.C. for thirty years and wants to be Lieutenant Governor this time.
Jerry Brown (Jerry Brown? Again?) wants to be Attorney General... What?
Charles Calderon... he was in the Assembly, then he moved up to the State Senate but got term-limited, and now he wants to go back down to the Assembly.
Once again I go into the booth to vote against the least palatable alternative.
Pundits point out that the voter turnout in Anbar province was higher than it will be here on Tuesday. In Anbar province there are more than two parties. I know there are more than two parties here, too; but given our legislative structure it comes down to only two.
Maybe... maybe if we can win one... if we can vote for and elect a President in 2008... maybe then we can tackle the two-party system in the legislative branch.
That would be a hoot.


Blogger The Appalachianist said...

With everything going on in my life now, It's hard to imaine primaries. Since, i'm a Libertarian, I can't vote in Primaries back home in NC. Lesser of the two evils....Don't you hate it with Republicrats.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's a joke with the calderons taking money from banking, insurance, and oil companies; you can blame him for high gas prices.

David Armenta is a joke as well with all the controversy at

8:26 PM  
Anonymous joared said...

I'm not ready to jump on the bandwagon for Unity '08. I think we need some time to see what their leaders do for reasons previously expressed at TGB by a number of commentors including myself. Just have a whole lot of mistrust since so many say one thing and do another.

12:47 AM  

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