Monday, November 14, 2005

Thoughts on Janet/Foxy

I need for you folks to bear with me for a moment. I've been having issues with the news I just got about Janet/Foxy, especially as I return home after a successful surgery. She's a contemporary I've chatted with only a few times in passing. Janet has cardiomyopathy, and has now lapsed into a coma as her other vital organs begin to go offline.
This has been somewhat of a challenging year for me... the prostate cancer diagnosis, the broken femur just before my first scheduled surgery date, the blood clot just before the second date, the delay in the third date as the doctors worked out how to remove the cancer without killing me with an embolus... but I've never felt particularly threatened by any of it.
For whatever reason, as soon as I heard "Houma" during the news coverage of Katrina I immediately thought of Janet. When I didn't hear from her I discounted it because we’ve never been what anyone would call close, but it's been in my mind that she was in trouble.
I've come to terms with the idea that Janet's to-do list for this lifetime has apparently been completed, and mine apparently hasn't. I am mindful that there are billions of people more "deserving" of an eighth... ninth... tenth chance than me. I’m not unappreciative of my life or of my continued capacity to enjoy it. It just seems like there should be merit points factored in somewhere.
I feel better having learned that she was offered the option of a transplant. I tell people that would be my call... that there are only 52 cards in the deck and you can't swap them out... but she walked the talk.
I hope she knows that she's been on folks' minds and that she'll be missed. I hope that, if we run into each other again down the line, she'll say "Hi."
"May all beings without exception be released from suffering, and find true happiness and everlasting peace."


Blogger Tamar said...

Am so pleased to hear that your surgery was successful. Have been wondering when we would hear back from you. And here you are, sharing your thoughts of Janet/Foxy. Thank you.

5:37 AM  
Anonymous Ronni Bennett said...

The thing about life and death is that it is entirely random. "Only the good die young" is no more true than "What goes around comes around." Good people get raw deals and bad one win all the time and there is no accounting for it.

I'm sorry about Janet/Foxy and I'm pleased about your good news. Nice to have you back among us...

2:36 PM  

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