Monday, October 10, 2005

When Arnold says "Trust me."...

I don't know how many of you care about California politics, but I have to make a few comments on the November 8th special election.
This election was called by Arnold Schwarzenegger specifically to vote on four propositions:
Prop. 74 to require public school teachers to work an additional three years before getting tenured status;
Prop. 75 which calls for public employee unions to get specific permission from individual union members in order to use funds for political campaigns (such as this one);
Prop. 76 which would throw out the school funding guarantees currently in place, would give the governor much greater control over the budget, and cap state spending; and
Prop. 77 which would take redistricting away from the state legislature and turn it over to a panel of three retired judges... appointed by whom?
These are issues that were all submitted to the state legislature which told him no last year whereupon the Governator vowed to take his case to the people.
The thing is that he hasn't presented his case to the people. Arnold's campaign in favor of these propositions is... at best... disingenuous.
The predominant ad uses actors to present these in simplistic and misleading terms.
"Making new teachers work successfully for five years before they get tenured in a job for life is a good idea."
"Stopping government labor unions from taking workers' money for politics without their permission makes sense."
"Controlling spending to end state deficits and balance the budget is better than raising our taxes."
"Having independent judges draw legislative districts instead of the politicians is better for us voters."
My personal favorite is the lady who wanted to let the new teachers sweat for an extra three years who comes back on at the end to say: "Let's face it. Sacramento is screwed up. Anything we can do to change it, I'm for." Kind of a "Just Say Yes" angle...
I'd like to think that none of these propositions has a shot at passage... but I still can't believe that California elected Arnold as governor. It's possible that the only person with less respect for California voters than me is Arnold.
I'm probably not going to let go of this so, please, bear with me for awhile.


Anonymous Ronni Bennett said...

I don't understand Arnold as governor any more than I understood Fred Thompson as a senator nor Jesse Ventura as governor of Minnesota.

Who ARE these voters who elect these celebrities?

4:05 PM  

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