Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Speaking of Really Bad Ideas...

I know that I need to work on not just wildly ranting here if I care at all about anyone ever reading this, but in 2006 with not one but two dumb-ass wars going on, massive Reagan-esque deficits, and millions of Americans reduced to planning their lives around oil company profits I learn that Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) wants to usurp a national park to open a recreational killing field for military personnel.
I lived in Mr. Hunter's gerrymandered district for a number of years. He does have a distinguished military record, but every once in awhile you see him in the Alec Baldwin role in Mercury Rising.
I don't presume to speak for all veterans... or for any veterans other than myself... but it strikes me as a little... more than a little... sick to expropriate one of the beautiful Channel Islands from the National Park system, transport populations of non-native deer and elk onto it, and then to invite people... even military people who arguably deserve recreational opportunities... to kill those populations just for the hell of it.
Geez, Duncan, call the animal shelter in El Cajon and maybe they'll let you gas some puppies or something. Better still, get some help.

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Anonymous Craig said...

The irony is that most military bases these days have a wildlife program. I know, because my oldest brother was the wildlife biologist at a large base. Until 9/11 made things more difficult, he had no trouble getting volunteers to help rehab a pond or at least getting people to call if they found an injured animal or a nest in the wrong place which he almost always knew how to move. He had a knack for explaining what he was doing. Most people he dealt with thought what he was doing was pretty cool.

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