Thursday, June 30, 2005

An Exhortation... or a rant, if you will

This is just my opinion... and I freely acknowledge that I do not have one of the great minds... nonetheless I want to throw this out here. I think we're losing, if we haven't already lost, to the terrorists of the world.
I don't believe... and I don't know of anyone who believes... that Osama bin Laden ever intended to conquer and occupy the Unitied States. I don't think that's what terrorists go for. I don't think that's what Timothy McVeigh was going for. I think they want to make an impact and change the status quo.
Forty five months after the suicide attacks on 9/11 I've just read a woman complaining that she is still able to take a train from her home to Washington, D.C., and back without security screening or a baggage search. Forty six months ago she'd have fought such an intrusion tooth and nail.
How many times did the President ring the 9/11 bell last night in a speech to boost a war we initiated in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11? Oh, sure, there are al-Quaeda forces active in Iraq now... because we took out the guy who'd have never let them in and dismantled his army. Sure, they're there now!
I'm not minimizing what happened on 9/11/2001. I'm saying that it's 6/30/2005, and we seriously need to get past this and get our country back in shape. Post-traumatic stress is perfectly understandable, but take a look at yourselves! Forty six months ago did you want to be living like this?
The people who are trying to keep us frightened and off-balance may not be deliberately working to advance the terrorists goals, but they are sure not representative of the America I knew on 9/10/2001. Every day we go on living in reaction to what they did is another good day for al-Quaeda.
The world didn't change on 9/11. We did. We need to get past it. For one thing, we need to get back to resenting intrusion.


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