Monday, April 10, 2006

A Few Words Regarding HM3 Marcques Nettles

Update: Petty Officer Nettle's body was recovered last Sunday, April 16.
It may seem a little thing to some that his body has been found... that now he can be properly laid to rest.... but it is important. He died in the line of duty, and he deserved better than a DUSTWUN designation. He deserved, at least, to come home.
Semper Fi

Getting killed has to suck. A catastrophic injury might suck even worse. On April 2 a bunch of Marines and Doc Nettles in a 7-ton truck got swept off the road in a flash flood in Iraq. Six Marines were killed and their bodies recovered. Doc Nettles and one of his Marines haven't been found yet... "Duty Status - Whereabouts Unknown." That just might take the prize.
I keep thinking if Buford was over there... missing eight days... knowing that can't be a good thing... lost in the muck in some crap stream bed in Iraq... and my heart goes out to the families of Petty Officer Nettles and the missing Marine, and to all who care(d) about them.


Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Marcques- truly you are missed by the Westview community.
-Westview '02

Anonymous said...

Marcques touched so many people. And his place in heaven must be divine! I too, am one who cared about him.

Anonymous said...

Marcques was an all around great guy, and the world is at a loss without him.
God please bless him and keep him forever in your holy name.
-Westview '99

Anonymous said...

Marcques Nettles was a great friend. We were stationed together in Whidbey Island, and I just happened to be part of one of the teams out looking for him. I will truly miss him. Yet another one who cared about him. JP

Anonymous said...

Marcques died while protecting our country and for what he believed in whether it be good or bad. he was the person that would make the whole class laugh or smile or go crazy at football games. when he is finally laid to rest the whole class of 02 and the teachers plus all of beaverton should be there to pay their respects. may God rest his soul and may there be peace among us.
--pvt.appling westview '02

Anonymous said...

Marcques is greatly missed. i miss not having him around & his smile & laugh but it calms me to know that he is in a greater place, in heaven looking down on all of us, right now.

Cpl. Lowe said...

Doc Nettles, You may not remember me but I was your Armory Custodian when you deployed, I was healing from a post deployment injury which is why I was not out there with you. I was also the custodian for a couple of the men that were with you in that packs truck.

You may not know this but when your weapon and the weapons of those men made it home I was tasked with bringing them back into condition so they could be placed back into rotation.

That was a solemn and lonely job for me. The day my Sgt quietly pulled me aside and silently drove me down to pick them up will always be etched into my mind.

I attended your state side memorial services during the Marine Corps ball that year. One of the few centerpiece crystals from that event sits on my desk here to remind me of the sacrifice any of us could have made in your place.

I know the bridge you were on well. I crossed it many times during my deployment over there..

Doc Nettles, you will never be forgotten.

Sincerely Cpl. Lowe